General Meeting – February 19, 2013

General Meeting – February 19, 2013

Highland Oaks Church of Christ – 7:00 p.m.

Welcome: Dave Nichols, HOA president, welcomed all who attended (52 residents). He reviewed some of the PCN events from the past year.

  • A thank you to all who have helped maintain the 9 public gardens, and a sprinkler update was given.
  • Thanks to all who assembled and hung the Christmas wreaths for the neighborhood.
  • A pool party last August, and a very successful National Night Out in October were subdivision activities.
  • The Pitman Creek North Facebook page is a great source of news and information.
  • Block leaders are a mainstay for email communication. Residents are encouraged to get on the list.

Activities: Denise Gooding, the Activities Board Member, gave an update:

  • PCN is helping the annual Easter Egg Hunt with Highland Oaks Church on March 30.
  • New activities for PCN, with sign up sheets are:
    • Monthly Supper Club
    • Book Club
    • Bunko Night

Speaker: Plano ISD’s new Academy High School that will be in our neighborhood sent two representatives; Renee Godi (principal) and Susan Modisette to answer questions our residents might have. A few highlights of Ms. Godi’s talk included:

  • The school will start with 9th & 10th grade, and add an additional grade every year. At capacity, in 3 years, enrollment will be 600.
  • Buses are provided, and all students will be bused to the school. No new traffic school zones will be needed.
  • The entrance to the school will be from Alma, with all traffic encouraged to enter and leave from there.
  • Learning is on a ‘problem based’ system. While students work at their own rate, they will be expected to pass the exit tests as students at other schools.

Treasurer: A Treasurer report was given by both Curt Olson and Lyle Moyer.

Membership: Lori Peck reported that we currently have 194 paid memberships in the PCNHA.

Crime Watch: Tom Martin updated the neighborhood on crime watch reports. He encouraged everyone to be part of the email system, and to call 911 and report any suspicious activities.

Welcome Wagon: Serene Koshy was introduced as the new Welcome Wagon Chair.

New Project: Chuck Webster, vice-president, gave a presentation of a professionally upgraded landscaping project for our main entrance.

  • Native, drought resistant plants and big rocks, with room for seasonal annuals are the focus for the two corner gardens on Victoria. A bid of $8600. to redo both corners was explained.
  • A vote was taken as to who would prefer redoing the 2 islands on Victoria, versus the 2 corner gardens. The two corner gardens had the majority vote.
  • It was decided to get 2 more professional bids on the work before committing.
  • Attendees viewed artist drawings of the proposed corner garden upgrade.

President’s Comments:

  • Dave is currently working hard to convince the city to replace the walls bordering our community on Park and on 15th. They are in bad repair.
  • Residents are encouraged to call the city about our bad walls.
  • Electrical work is currently being done on the main entrance sign, both to fix the broken light, but also replace outdated electrical boxes, and provide electrical sockets.

Landscaping: Norma Kessler was introduced as the Landscaping Chair person. She is responsible for the new bulbs coming up on the Victoria islands.

Door Prize: A drawing for a $50 Callaway’s gift card was made and presented to a member.

The meeting adjourned at 8:20pm.