Annual General Meeting – May 30, 2013

Annual General Meeting – May 30, 2013

Highland Oaks Church – 7:00 p.m.

Welcome: Dave Nichols, HOA president, welcomed all who attended.

Agenda Item: No Soliciting Signs Presenter: Dave Nichols

Discussion: Membership encouraged to post “No Soliciting” signs to discourage market reps from coming into PCN. Exemptions are non-profit organizations, religious groups, and our PCN Homeowners Association. See Dave Nichols if you need signs for neighbors, etc.

Agenda Item: PCN Incorporated Presenter: Dave Nichols

Discussion: Our HOA was originally formed in 1983; however, it was never incorporated with the State of Texas. Registration is now complete, making our HOA more viable and tax-exempt from franchise taxes. We are set up as a voluntary HOA which is responsible for 9 public gardens (city owned, but responsibility of HOA to care and maintain gardens.)

Agenda Item: Guest Speaker Presenter: Erin Hopper, Compost & Water Conservation, City of Plano Water Department

Discussion: Discussed Stage 3 water restrictions in effect June 1, 2013:

      • We can only water 1 x week / no watering from 10 am to 6 pm
      • Specific dates: Odd-numbered homes water on Tuesday / Even-numbered homes water on Thursday
      • Classes are offered on Drip Irrigation and Irrigation Quick Fixes
      • Run-off is against the law
      • Rules specify you cannot drain and refill swimming pools / no variances
      • All fountains should be turned off
      • No hydro-seeding
      • We can hand water 2 hours per day for new plantings and foundations
      • No restrictions for drip or soaker hoses, may use any days

City of Plano purchases our water supply from the North Texas Municipal Water District / sourced from Lake Texoma (infected by Zebra mussels), Lake Lavon, Lake Tawakoni and Wilson Creek. Due to zebra mussels getting into the pipes and clogging up system, they have stopped standard pumping process from Lake Texoma to avoid spreading the muscles to other sites. A new pipe system is under construction to pump direct from Lake Texoma to the water treatment plant in Wylie where a special filter system would remove the zebra mussels.

This summer will be critical for residents to be good conservators of our water supply. Long, slow watering 1 x week will send roots into the ground for efficient use of water / composting will also help plants. Notify the city for any items that need repair such as pot holes, broken sprinklers, etc. – Residents should check automated sprinkler systems monthly to ensure they are aligned properly, not cracked, etc.

Pick up FREE retrofit items at the Customer and Utility Services, Plano Municipal Center:

      • Low-flow Shower Heads
      • Toilet Leak Detection Dye Tablets
      • Toilet Flapper
      • Kitchen Faucet Aerator (swivels w/pause lever)
      • Bathroom Faucet Aerator (saves water and reduces splash)
      • Rain Gauge

For more Water Conservation Tips check out

Summer classes will be offered at the Environmental Education Center, 4116 W. Plano Pkwy. Register online at

Agenda Item: Membership: Presenter: Dave Nichols for Lori Peck

Discussion: Dues cover water, irrigation, lights, sprinkler systems and maintenance of traffic circles. Membership encouraged to pay $45 dues for new fiscal year. Make checks payable to PCNHA.

Agenda Item: Crime Watch Presenter: Tom Martin

Discussion: Great network set up and participation in our neighborhood. Neighbors encouraged to contact police / 911 if they see anything unusual going on. Tom mentioned that most home thieves hit between 9:30 – 12 noon, so be on the lookout during those hours. Also, the summer months typically show a spike in thefts and mischief.

Agenda Item: Communications Presenter: Kathleen Martin

Discussion: Our PCNHA and Facebook websites continue to draw interested residents. Now set up and running with Next Door social website as well.

Agenda Item: Yard of the Month Presenter: Lauren Eastburn

Discussion: Lauren presented the new sign to be posted in awarded resident’s yard. Program going well / Calloway’s to continue with $25 gift card. Lauren suggested the membership send her an email if you have a particular suggestion for the monthly award. There is a 24-month wait before a winner can be repeated.

Agenda Item: Activities Presenter: Denise Gooding

Discussion: Denise listed the activities sponsored by the HOA and encouraged everyone to get involved. Current Activities include:

      • Pool Party
      • National Night Out
      • Monthly Supper Club
      • Book Club
      • Bunco Club
      • Play Dates for Children

Bill Humble announced a new Walking Club which meets at Hackberry Park, Monday through Friday, from 6:30 – 7:00 am. Group walks in the mall if raining. Great way to get in shape and meet your neighbors!

New idea brought up to have a Block Party for each street. Let Denise Gooding know if you would like to help with planning for your street.

Attendees also voted to sponsor a Neighborhood Garage Sale in the fall. Each resident participating must obtain a permit from the City of Plano. Denise has a volunteer in place to coordinate the garage sale – details to be announced later.

Agenda Item: Welcome Wagon/New Resident Greeter Presenter: Serene Koshy

Discussion: Serene displayed the ‘Welcome’ folder provided to each new resident in PCN. She personally greets new residents and assists with their questions regarding the neighborhood.

Agenda Item: Treasury Report Presenter: Lyle Moyer

Discussion: Lyle reported on the financial condition of our HOA. Expenses incurred during the year were $8,000 (covering landscaping, group activities, entertainment, electricity, sprinkler repair, holiday decorations, and office supplies). Current balance of $14,800. See (PDF).

Dave Nichols mentioned that goals for 2013-14 are:

      • Converting seven public garden areas to drip irrigation systems. Vicki Blakely, PCN resident and Master Naturalist, will head up our PCN landscaping in selecting Texas native plants that are drought tolerant.
      • Replacement of the sprinkler control box on Victoria & 15th
      • Replacement of tree spotlights in the south Victoria island
      • Updating HOA by-laws
      • Patch and paint 2 brick walls at Victoria & 15th entrance

Agenda Item: Miscellaneous Items Presenter: Dave Nichols


      • Toll Brothers Construction: New name for developing subdivision is ‘West Park’ Estates. Several lots already sold; should start building any day. Will build 2-story patio homes in $430k range as well as bigger, 2-story homes in the $550k range.
      • Park Blvd. Walls: Painting of walls has been placed out for bid by City of Plano – waiting for bids. Lissa Smith, Mayor Pro Tem, was very helpful with City Manager in getting our PCN walls on the painting list for 2013.
      • Board Re-elected: Most of the current board members and chairpersons have all agreed to serve again for the 2013-2014 year. All were confirmed by the attending membership.

Door Prizes: Two residents won $25 gift cards from Calloways.