Yard of the Month

1512 Tawakoni Yard of the Month
PCNHA Holiday Yard-of-the-Month Winner – 1601 Sacramento Terrace

Pitman Creek North has participated in a “Yard of the Month” award for many years, helping to promote goodwill and reward exemplary lawn care. The purpose of the program is to recognize neighbors who demonstrate above-average efforts in maintaining their property, thereby contributing to the overall appearance of the community at large.

This is a great award, administered entirely by volunteers, and the each month’s winner receives a $25 credit from Calloway’s Nursery. If you would like to nominate a neighbor’s yard or your own, please email us at email to the committee chair or visit our PCNHA Yard of the Month Nomination form. You never know, you could be our next Yard of the Month!

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Calloway’s Yard of the Month Sign