Crime Watch Notice 12/17/2014

Crime Watch Notice 12/17/2014

PCNHA Crime Watch Alert

Over the last 5 days there have been incidents with cars left parked on the street and alley. Two cars had tires punctured and two others were vandalized while the perpetrators looked for items to take (both were left unlocked). In both incidents the police were called.

During this holiday season we need to be even more alert than the rest of the year. Please be aware that there are individuals watching us and our homes for opportunities to take what we have worked hard to obtain, and others who just like to vandalize. Please do not leave items in vehicles, outside, or anywhere else in plain sight that anyone might want.  Help our neighbors by being observant and call 911 if anything looks suspicious.

Let’s all have a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and “ Be safe out there.”

Thomas Martin – PCNHA Crime Watch Coordinator