Crime Watch Notice 11/06/14

Crime Watch Notice 11/06/14

Rash of Neighborhood Burglaries

From initial information received, Pitman Creek North has had two burglaries on Huron in the past week.  As well as these incidents, multiple other incidents have occurred in the subdivisions both north and south of us. The individuals appear to be cruising the areas watching for homeowners to leave. The break-ins are occurring between 6-9 pm and the burglars are gone in a matter of a few minutes.

PCN residents need to be on the lookout for anything that is out of the ordinary or anyone who appears to be casing the area.  As we receive further information, we will pass it on.

Below is the only official notice we have received to date from the Plano Police Department:

“There have been six reported burglaries that have occurred from the time period of October 20th through October 28th.  These burglaries have occurred between Alma Drive/Custer Road and Plano Parkway/Parker Road.  There is no consistent pattern as to day of week or time of day these are occurring.  We believe there are possibly 2 or more suspects involved and there was a report the suspect vehicle MIGHT but a white SUV but that has not been confirmed.

Method of Operation:

  • Typically enters through back door, garage door, or side/rear window
  • Most often smashes window to make entry (back door glass, garage door window, side/back window)
  • Target room is master bedroom and focus is on jewelry.

Please, if you see anything suspicious in your neighborhood, call 9-1-1 and let us come out and investigate.  I ask that you pass along this information to each of your neighbors so they too are aware.  This is also a great time to contact our Crime Prevention Unit at 972-941-2431 to schedule a FREE home security assessment at your residence.”