Annual General Meeting Notes – May 2, 2023

Annual General Meeting Notes – May 2, 2023

Meeting held at St. Marks Catholic Church-McGivney Hall on May 2, 2023 at 7:00 p.m.

President Clifford Cockrell began the meeting held at St. Marks Catholic Church’s McGivney Hall (W. 15th Street) by welcoming members and introducing the Board that was present. The board was officially voted in by the membership to their respective positions.

President reiterated the purpose of the Homeowners Association, including garden maintenance, welcome wagon to greet new neighbors, and neighborhood communication. He provided a review of the previous year’s actions, including having new corner signs installed, solar lights installed, garden renovations and sprinkler repairs.

Neighborhood Survey: Kathleen Martin, Communications, discussed the results of the survey the board sent out to our community, the results of which are attached to these Notes. She indicated that the Board will be sending a letter to the City of Plano asking for several of the items that were suggested by the survey.

Landscape Committee Chair: We have not had a landscape committee chair for the last year when our chairman resigned and are actively seeking someone to oversee the garden work. The person will not need to actually do the work needed but will coordinate with outside vendors and volunteers to ensure gardens are kept in good shape. Anyone interested was encouraged to reach out to the Board members.

Front Entrance Gardens: There was discussion about hiring a landscape architect to design the gardens and possibly make them xeriscaped. The problem is that the gardens will still need some water which has been problematic in those gardens.

Signage: In January, 2023, the Board approved new signage for the front entrance to go on the “monolith.” It will be an overlay-type of product, much like the sign at Plano Senior High School. The mockup was passed around for all to view and comment upon.

Short Term Rental Issue: Nick Biggs, the Board’s Welcome Wagon Chairman, discussed the issue as it has been going through the Plano City Council. There will be a joint meeting between the City Planning and Zoning Dept. and the City Council on Monday May 8 at 4:00 p.m. The City is in a data-collection phase right now and will be having Town Hall meetings. Additionally, the City is asking residents to complete a survey that can be found at

Membership: Of the 491 homes in Pitman Creek North, currently there are 148 members. Most of the members are renewals from last year.

Picnic in the Park: This PCN event will be held May 20 from 12:00 p.m. until 2:00 p.m. The Fire Dept. will be bringing a truck. The HOA will provide dessert – maybe snow cones, maybe ice cream (yet to be decided.) Members are encouraged to bring a picnic lunch and come enjoy visiting with neighbors.

Budget: Provided at the meeting by Treasurer Tom Martin. There were two big expenditures over the last year – the signs installed in the neighborhood and water line/sprinkler repairs at the front entrance.

General Discussion: A Member asked if the HOA was able to provide him help with a dispute he has with a neighbor. The HOA has no enforcement ability within the neighborhood, so it was recommended that he seek assistance from an attorney or the police.

Membership dues can now be paid by Zelle, check, cash or credit card.

President Cockrell spoke with the City of Plano about the wall on 15th Street to see if it was being replaced (there were survey flags there a few months ago, which prompted the inquiry.) The City indicated it is to be replaced but it will be January 2024 at the earliest. A question arose as to whether the wall west of the front entrance would also be replaced as the survey flags were only near the wall to the east. The president will talk with the City to clarify this and will report back.

The Board has an opening for the position of Secretary. Members are encouraged to reach out to President Cockrell to volunteer for this position.

Having no further questions or business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 7:57 p.m.