“Scam” Alert

* SCAM CRIME ALERT ** This is a crime alert to make the public aware of a scam going around the DFW area, including Plano.  Recently, we have had reports where a subject contacts a resident and claims to be from a government agency such as the police/sheriff’s department, FBI, or IRS.  These subjects advise that the resident has a

Winter Stage 3 Watering Restrictions In Effect

The City of Plano has implemented Winter Stage 3 Water Restrictions beginning November 1, 2013. The water restrictions include:

  • Landscape watering with sprinklers is permitted once every other week, if needed. Watering from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. is allowed.
  • Foundations, landscaping, including grass, shrubs and trees may be watered for up to two hours any day by a

Great Time at National Night Out 2013!

Pitman Creek North participated again in the Texas’ National Night Out on October 1st by hosting a neighborhood get-together at Hackberry Park for all our residents. National Night Out is an annual event hosted by the National Association of Town Watch with the primary purpose being to get neighbors to leave their front porch lights on, showing their support for

Welcome to The New Plano ISD Academy ‘Titans’!

On August 26, 2013, the Plano ISD Academy High School (mascot is the ‘Titans’) opens east of Pitman Creek North. This academy is an innovative, project-based 9th-12th (initially only 9th-10th) grade learning community committed to fostering a professional environment, inspiring creativity, and empowering students to collaborate and compete in a rapidly changing world. With an emphasis on science, technology, engineering,

August 2013 Landscape Report

The past few months have seen some major renovations in Pitman Creek North. Although our landscaping is pretty well established, with the current Stage 3 watering restrictions in effect, it became evident that PCNHA needed to find a better way to utilize our watering opportunities. So the bulk of our landscaping fund this year was used to install a drip …