Crime Watch Notice 03/23/2015

Crime Watch Notice 03/23/2015

As Crime Watch Coordinator for Pitman Creek North, it makes me proud to see our neighbors working together to keep our neighborhood safer and keep the “bad guys” in check.  The information below is excerpted from our PCNHA Facebook web page demonstrating how working together with our neighbors DOES solve crime:

Randy Olson  If anyone in the Pitman Creek North area could help out with any information that might identify the culprit that stole my Ford F-350 right out of my driveway at 1608 Danube Ln it would be appreciated. Tonight between 6 and 7 PM someone stole my truck and ran right over our gas meter. The police said someone on Callaway reported a suspicious red (I think Malibu) in our alley about the same time. You might have seen my truck in the past with a camper attached parked in front of my house before we go camping. It’s a white F-350 duely 4X4. Please contact me via FB if you can help and I will relay any info you give me to the Plano Police. Thanks.

Nora Hernandez Hello Randy, we saw a suspicious vehicle in the alley around 6:27 pm and we called the plano non-emergency number to report it. I got a good look at the occupant in the car. We reported it to the police because even though the car was a late model chevy red car, malibu(?), we had never seen it before in the neighborhood. The guy in the car had tattoos on his neck and temple (?). His behavior was odd – we were leaving and he was just entering the alley. He immediately pulled into the driveway of the first house on callaway near the park. He seemed to go out of his way to conceal his face, but that is how I got to see the tattoos on his neck. Please IM me and I can tell you more about it. Did the police show up at all

Randy Olson My neighbor, Steve has all these cameras also and he and his son are going through footage and they saw the red car also. He text me a while ago and said they also saw a black SUV stop in front of my drive. Anyone see the black SUV on any cameras?

Larry Letterman Your truck is in my driveway…the police are in route…1729 Sacramento

Larry Letterman Okay, The prologue ….Randy’s truck was stolen and ditched last night around my driveway…I saw it while ago when I went out…The Police came, wrote it up, dusted it…and Randy took it home…No one is sure why they left it, it appears to have coasted into my driveway and they left in a hurry.. Randy was lucky…The Police say these are popular vehicles lately to get taken and stripped…I am glad it worked for all involved.

Larry Letterman One last thing…The post on Facebook, made this all a lot quicker….I immediately called the police and updated this thread because of our Facebook presence…if everyone participates, and watches our backs, it works..

Nora Hernandez This is great news! Just talked to Randy – truck making some noises that it did not make before but he was able to drive it home from where it was found. Probably they ditched the truck when the police came to the area or may be they damaged the truck when they drove it off. Either way, it is great that the truck has been recovered!

Shannon Walden Terry Randy, I went back to the driveway camera and I did find a black SUV that drove down the alley, turned around and drove back. Emailing you the video now.

Randy Olson I would just like to say thanks to everyone that has participated in this FB adventure with us. I really didn’t think I would see my truck again, but one thing that I have learned today is people do care what happens to others. Kathy and I were talking earlier today about loosing the truck but making some friends. I sure would like to meet some of you face to face someday when all this settles down. As you can see I am a IOWA Hawkeye fan and I was feeling pretty sad because of my truck. I told Kathy it’s going to be hard to watch my Hawkeyes tonight when they play Gonzaga in the NCAA tournament and enjoy it. Now they can win or loose (hopefully not) and I will not feel as bad. So if you drive down my alley tonight, you might see that I pulled my old 1998 Rodeo up behind my truck. Just in case they come back,

Bottom line, neighbors helping neighbors with success!  Thanks again to all who stepped in to share info about what they saw, including sending photos from their security systems, etc.  Hopefully we can help the police catch these people (and future “bad guys”)  with all the information that we now have at our fingertips.  Also, I encourage you to join our social media web pages (Facebook/NextDoor) to get quick and current information about what is happening in our neighborhood.