August 2013 Landscape Report

August 2013 Landscape Report

The past few months have seen some major renovations in Pitman Creek North. Although our landscaping is pretty well established, with the current Stage 3 watering restrictions in effect, it became evident that PCNHA needed to find a better way to utilize our watering opportunities. So the bulk of our landscaping fund this year was used to install a drip system for the four beds at the main entrance of the subdivision (drip systems are allowed to run as often as needed under stage 3). Competitive bids were taken and the new systems cost the HOA $3,790.

At the same time, we made the decision to upgrade the blank slate look of the main PCN entrance with some boulders, since they could ride on the delivery and placement charge for the rocks we required for the circle islands on Columbia. Those rocks were purchased and placed specifically to deter the vandal who has been destroying the two circle islands. The rocks for those two circular islands cost the subdivision approximately $280 and the repetitive repair charges for sprinkler damage will be over $1,800 once we repair the more extensive damage done in June. That is not including replacement of the plants which we will not be able to afford at this time. In addition, we also replaced some edging in the entry gardens and planted sod as weeds had totally taken over the west entry curb area.

Though we had hoped to enhance the main entrance with some flowers, the expensive, long-term financial outlays left the landscape fund with a little less than $180 to spend on flowers for the entry. We spent every penny of that on the liveliest annual color we could find.

At that time a broadcast e-mail asking for donations for landscaping went out to everyone in the subdivision who has signed up to be on the e-mail contact list. The response was heartwarming. We received dues as well as donations sent in by people who had never joined the association before. Many people who had already paid their dues also donated additional funds. One person didn’t want to join the association but was happy to donate to the landscaping fund. The landscape fund went from $0 to over $900 because of all these very generous neighbors and voluntary acts of kindness. Thank you!

Our current plan is to use the remainder of the donation money to purchase some small perennial evergreen bushes and grasses, as well as annual color, for the winter and the spring seasons. We don’t have enough money for much of a “wow factor” this year, but we are not left with bare ground and weeds, as we would have been if our generous subdivision residents had not come forward and donated additional money to the landscape fund.

We are greatly appreciative of all donations, no matter what the amount. We realize people often give according to what they have. Hopefully we will receive a bit more and be able to have a pretty show in our entry that reflects the beauty you had hoped for when you donated to the fund.

Since the beginning of our fiscal year on June 1 through the end of July, the team of Susan and Dave Nichols, Serene Koshy, Norma Kessler, and I donated over 170 volunteer hours toward tending the landscaping of Pitman Creek North. We have all done our share of weeding, clipping, digging, shopping, toting and planting, but on top of all that, Dave Nichols our HOA president has been personally trimming the hedges, and monitoring and troubleshooting the sprinkler system. With all the vandalism to our islands this year as well as changing to Stage 3 watering, this has been a very time-consuming task. Dave has also hauled garbage cans of water to beds with vandalized sprinklers to help save the plants in the scorching heat. He patched, primed and painted the brick wall in the entry and only allowed a small amount of help from Susan and Serene on the third day in 100 degree weather. These efforts are on top of executing his responsibilities as president of the HOA. These tireless efforts on Dave’s part have saved the subdivision hundreds of dollars instead of hiring an irrigation specialist for maintenance calls. It has saved us the cost of hiring landscapers to trim the bushes monthly throughout the spring and summer, and saved us the cost of hiring a painter. “Thank you Dave,” and “Thanks” to the small but hard-working team of landscaping volunteers!

HOA member or not, we would greatly appreciate and accept any donations to the landscaping fund. A little bit more cash and our landscaping can have that “wow factor” we would all like to see. Please indicate what the money is for – checks can be sent to PCNHA, 2701 West 15th St., Suite 540, Plano, Texas 75075.

Vicki Blakley, PCNHA Landscaping Chair