Annual General Meeting Notes – May 14, 2022

Annual General Meeting Notes – May 14, 2022

Meeting held on at 10:00 a.m., May 14, 2022 at Hackberry Park

President Clifford Cockrell began the meeting at the Park by welcoming members and introducing the Board that was present. The board was officially voted in for the year to their respective positions by the membership.

Kristin Roberts, Activities Chair, discussed the new signage that will be added to three entrances. She explained that the main entrance sign cannot be updated because the City will not allow our association to make changes to the sign.  A sample of the sign was shown at the meeting.  Anticipate that the signs would be installed in the next few weeks.

Treasury Report:
Thomas Martin, Treasurer, presented the financial report as of May 11, 2022. Any questions were directed to Thomas to answer, of which there were none. The financial report is attached at the end of these notes.

Karen Smith, Landscape Chair, discussed the gardens that the HOA tends. She explained all of the gardens and the work and funds needed to care for them. She showed both before and after photos of each garden, explaining that much work has been done to upgrade the gardens. She sought assistance to spread mulch and a truck to deliver the mulch. She will solicit volunteers on the HOA Facebook page.

Karen Smith also explained that there is a water leak in the piping at the main entrance and explained options for either repairing the leak or shutting off water to the garden completely and changing landscaping to include native Texas plants that do not need irrigation. The City will not allow our HOA to dig up the concrete without significant City involvement and additional responsibility and liability taken on by the HOA. Additional problems exist if the water is shut off completely like how to water the south island? That water may need to come from neighbors near the island and there is no guarantee that those neighbors will agree to provide the water now or in the future. Some of the membership expressed that they did not want to go to a low water option, but wish to repair the leak. The HOA board will be continuing to discuss options and get bids for any work that needs to be done.

Robert Lewis lives on Danube and has been a very generous donator to Pitman Creek HOA. He was recognized for his continued generosity to the HOA.

We currently have 142 members of the 491 homes in the neighborhood. All people living in the neighborhood were asked to join, not just home owners. Membership is open to all those living in homes here. There was discussion on how to increase membership. One suggestion was to send out a survey to what people would like to see or benefit they would like from our HOA. One member suggested membership fees be reduced to $40 per year. Another suggested that the HOA hold monthly events. Another suggestion was to make dues easier to pay by having a link on HOA Facebook page and website where people can pay online quickly.

The HOA produces one per year, and includes the board members emails on it for those needing to get in touch with the board. All newsletters for the past 20 years are available on the HOA website.

Yard of the Month:
The Yard of the Month program recognizes one neighbor for their yard. The recipient receives a gift card to a local nursery.

Welcome Wagon:
New neighbors are given a welcome packet that provides information about the HOA, neighborhood and City.

A suggestion was made from the membership that our neighborhood signs show our Facebook page on it and also recommends a QR Code be put on the signs for quick access to our website.

Facebook Page:
We currently have 590 members on the page

Meeting concluded.