Tree Removal – Rio Grande & Park

On January 31, 2019, the City of Plano began removing the large live oak tree in the corner garden at Rio Grande and Park.  The city cut the tree down and will grind the stump at NO cost to the PCNHA.

We (board members) have previously met and consulted with the City of Plano Urban Forester. Also, we had consultations with two arborists. The decision was not made lightly for the tree to be removed.  Bottom line:  the tree was not in good health. There was girdling of the roots which cut off nutrients to the remainder of the tree; subsequently, it put pressure on the trunk and the tree would eventually die. Also, a HUGE branch had already snapped and fallen on branches below. If that branch had fallen any more, it was heavy enough to seriously hurt someone or damage a car.  Last but not least, because the tree was never properly maintained over the years and with the fact the trunk was multi-stemmed, the trunk would eventually snap in half. There were also two open wounds on the trunk of the tree.

A Live Oak that large should have never been put in a corner garden due to the wires. If you look at the Live Oak at Columbia and Park, Oncor has severely trimmed that tree due to the wires.

A Vitex tree will be put in its place either early spring or fall depending on the budget.