Tree Removal at Columbia and Park

On Tuesday, January 14, 2020, the City of Plano removed the large live oak tree in the corner garden at Columbia and Park.  The city cut the tree down and will do the stump grinding at NO cost to the PCNHA.

As in previous circumstances regarding neighborhood trees, board members met with the City of Plano Urban Forester regarding this tree and its need for removal.  The City of Plano determined it needed to be removed because of its severe pruning by Oncor due to its interference with their lines.  Again, a Live Oak that large should have never been put in a neighborhood corner garden due to the overhead wires.

The corner garden at Columbia and Park will be revitalized, similar to what has been done at both other corner gardens – Rio Grande and Park, and Columbia and 15th Street.  The old photinia shrubs will be removed and a Vitex tree will be planted in place of the old live oak this spring.  Due to a limited budget, the rest of that corner garden’s remake will be delayed until fall/winter and cooler weather.