Annual General Meeting – May 6, 2014

The PCNHA Annual General Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm at Highland Oaks Church of Christ.  Dave Nichols, PCNHA President, greeted/welcomed everyone. Members present: approximately 32 people from neighborhood. Agenda Old Business:  President Dave Nichols Handed out ‘No Soliciting’ signs free to residents Explained the PCNHA fiscal year is from June 1 to May 31st of each year. Updated the residents on the last year’s accomplishments: PCNHA became incorporated and certified as a non-profit, but not a 503c non-profit. Majority of membership dues was spent on drip irrigation for 4 of the 9 gardens. Our ‘Garden Goddess,’ Vicki Blakley, master … Continue reading

Invitation to PCNHA Annual General Meeting – May 6, 2014

I would like to cordially invite all Pitman Creek North residents to come out to the Pitman Creek North Homeowners Association Annual General Meeting which will be held on May 6th, beginning at 7:00 p.m., at Highland Oaks Church of Christ (next to Hackberry Park). This past year (2013-2014) was a very productive fiscal year for your homeowners’ association – we broke a membership record!  Your voluntary dues payments made it all possible and I thank you.  The Membership committee has a special “something” to show to our residents and vote on as a reward to all members of PCNHA.  … Continue reading

Annual General Meeting – May 30, 2013

Highland Oaks Church – 7:00 p.m. Welcome: Dave Nichols, HOA president, welcomed all who attended. Agenda Item: No Soliciting Signs Presenter: Dave Nichols Discussion: Membership encouraged to post “No Soliciting” signs to discourage market reps from coming into PCN. Exemptions are non-profit organizations, religious groups, and our PCN Homeowners Association. See Dave Nichols if you need signs for neighbors, etc. Agenda Item: PCN Incorporated Presenter: Dave Nichols Discussion: Our HOA was originally formed in 1983; however, it was never incorporated with the State of Texas. Registration is now complete, making our HOA more viable and tax-exempt from franchise taxes. We are … Continue reading

General Meeting – February 19, 2013

Highland Oaks Church of Christ – 7:00 p.m. Welcome: Dave Nichols, HOA president, welcomed all who attended (52 residents). He reviewed some of the PCN events from the past year. A thank you to all who have helped maintain the 9 public gardens, and a sprinkler update was given. Thanks to all who assembled and hung the Christmas wreaths for the neighborhood. A pool party last August, and a very successful National Night Out in October were subdivision activities. The Pitman Creek North Facebook page is a great source of news and information. Block leaders are a mainstay for email … Continue reading

Annual Membership Meeting – May 15, 2012

Curt Olson, President of PCNHA, welcomed those attending (approx. 50 of our membership). A financial report was available to each person attending. Program: The program for the evening, provided by Dave Nichols, Vice-President of PCNHA, was on “Xeriscaping Plants for North Central Texas.” Dave introduced Donna Cole, a Texas Master Naturalist, who presented a wonderful slide presentation on xeriscaping in the Plano/North Central Texas area. She discussed environmental design and soil analysis (a free service through the Agri-Life Extension Center). Donna reminded us to consider the shape of beds before planting and stressed that drip irrigation is the most efficient … Continue reading