Annual General Meeting – May 22, 2018

Pitman Creek North Homeowners, Inc. Annual General Meeting was held at Plano Academy High School on May 22, 2018.

Dave Nichols opened the meeting at 7:10, announcing his retirement as President from the PCNHA Board and the appointment, by the Board, of current Vice President, Clifford Cockrell, to be the new acting President of the Pitman Creek North Homeowners Association, Inc.

Dave noted that Cliff’s biggest challenge immediately is the future of the large concrete sign at the main entrance (15th Street and Victoria) to our neighborhood. Input and questions were invited. It was suggested that the sign could be painted a lighter color with some kind of reflective addition to the name. The solar lighting issue was questioned and this possibility was not completely satisfactory to the Board. City costs required to demolish or work on the sign are fairly cost prohibitive. Thomas Martin brought up the potential of covering the sign with some kind of stonework and that he is working on some solutions for presentation to the board.

Dave reviewed his years serving with the PCNHA. When he came on the Board, the HOA was not registered, the common areas and gardens were weed-ridden, and there was no irrigation. When the HOA was founded in 1983, the main purpose was for the maintenance of these common areas. Dave registered the HOA and turned around the common areas in three months. Vicki Blakley, past Landscaping Chair, got involved and worked very hard to vastly improve these areas and created beautiful entries. An all-time membership record was set when we added yard signs to membership.

Dave has been part of the Neighborhood Vitality Group, which is a working breakfast with Plano city leaders and other HOA Board Presidents. Dave has learned and given good input as a result of attendance at these meetings. Both walls along the north and south of our subdivision were painted as a result of his requests at these meetings.

The PCNHA has two social events each year that Dave has been a part of:  Picnic in the Park and Fall Fest have been great for the neighborhood. There is a PCN Book Club meeting monthly, Neighborhood Supper Club each month at different local restaurants, Yard of the Month, flags placed in the gardens on military holidays and wreaths placed around the neighborhood at Christmas. As of today, there are 490 houses in Pitman Creek and a bit less than half are part of our voluntary HOA.

Dave gave updates as follows:

  • Haggard Farm – Expensive homes are coming to the southeast corner of Park and Custer, as soon as the family is completely out, in approximately one year.
  • The land next to Harley Davidson on the south side of Park is supposed to be developed with upscale townhouses in the $400,000’s. No recent word on this progress.

There was a question regarding Collin Creek Mall’s disposition. No recent word on progress other than developer had missed some deadlines and the difficulties involved in multiple ownership of the mall.

Dave introduced our guest speaker, Peggy Harrell with Plano Fire-Rescue:  Peggy gave an overview of the department in Plano.

  • There are currently 380 firefighters on staff with on-going hiring.
  • Plano has a #1 rating and is a top department in the country with all three accreditations and EMS awards earned.
  • The Fire Department does offer hands-only CPR training for free and recommends that for citizens. She also suggested the Active Shooter Training and Stop the Bleeding Training offered by the Police department.
  • Top 3 things to know as a homeowners:  (1) Have working smoke alarms throughout the house that are up to code. Should replace these very 10-12 years. (2) Have an escape plan in case of fire or emergency and make sure everyone in the house knows it. (3) Have a fire extinguisher and know how to use it.
  • Captain Harrell gave a Vital Info magnet, water watcher tags, and Fireman pens to each attendee who wanted one. She spoke about the Battle of the Badges in July and encouraged attendees to donate blood during that initiative.
  • It was also mentioned that there is a Citizens Fire Academy as well as a Citizens Police Academy where you can learn more about how these departments operate. These classes consist of 8-10 weeks with meetings weekly.

Dave asked for Board Chairs to report:

  • Jim McGuire (Treasurer) gave the Financial report.
  • Susan Nichols (Membership) reported on Membership. We have been purchasing and using yard signs for five years. We will be ordering new signs this year and changing to an updated sticker given each year with renewed membership. It was noted that membership is currently down and we need to get to know our neighbors.
  • Susan introduced Betty Arguello as our new Welcome Wagon Chair.
  • Kathleen Martin gave an update on Communications. We are really reaching out through our social media to keep neighbors informed and up to date. We are actively pursuing more members through our newsletter and social media. Kathleen asked if there were any thoughts regarding mailed newsletters vs. electronic newsletters. It was suggested that we could let people know that future newsletters would be arriving electronically only and if someone wanted a printed/mailed copy, they could inform Kathleen and one would be sent. No final decision was made.
  • Denise Gooding (Activities) reported on social events.
    • June 5 – Supper Club will meet at FishMongers at 6pm
    • June 16 is Picnic in the Park with free hotdogs, a band, a patriotic bike parade, fire truck and snow cones from Sugar Mountain.
    • Book club meets every 3rd Tuesday of each month.
  • Tom Martin reported on Crime Watch. Tom encouraged us to get to know one another and watch out for one another. Meet your neighbor and give them our social media information. Not much to report right now, which is good. Tom brought up the idea of subdivision static cling stickers for cars in the neighborhood. It would not be mandatory but might give us a better idea of those cars which seem out of place or suspicious.
  • Jane Tecklenburg was not present to report on Yard of the Month.

Dave Nichols moved for the election of Board Officers. All were approved.

President: Clifford Cockrell
Vice President: Open
Treasurer: Jim McGuire
Secretary: Claudia McGuire
Communications: Kathleen Martin
Membership: Susan Nichols
Activities: Denise Gooding
At-Large: John Kowtun
Crime Watch: Thomas Martin
Yard of the Month: Jane Tecklenburg
Welcome Wagon: Betty Arguello
Landscaping: Open

Clifford Cockrell stood and recognized Dave Nichol’s contribution to the PCNHA. He was applauded and thanked by all.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm.

2018 PCNHA Board