PCNHA Board Positions Descriptions

President: Responsible for the overall operation of the homeowners association. From time to time, assigns tasks to the vice-president and various board members and committee chairs. The president maintains an open communication channel to the various board members and committee chairs. Charged with arranging for board member and committee chairs meetings when appropriate. Arranges for a guest speaker for each general meeting. Also acts as a community liaison between City and County.

Vice-President: Assists the president whenever possible. Keeps abreast of the homeowners association business so he/she can step in if the president becomes incapacitated or leaves the office. Ideally, this position is for grooming the next president.

At-Large: This is the standby person that could move into a board position that has been vacated. The At-Large board member has full voting rights and privileges. A good At-Large person is ready to lend a hand if a board member or committee chair needs help.

Treasurer: Keeps the books of the organization. Deposits incoming dues, writes checks to pay bills and reimbursements. Two signatures of designated officers are required on every check from PCN Homeowners Association check stock. Makes a monthly report that includes basic accounting layout of assets and liabilities.

Secretary: Takes minutes/highlights from each General Membership meeting. Takes minutes of each board meeting. The final version shall be type written and presented to each board member.

Activities: Sets in motion ideas for neighborhood involvement and entertainment. Typically (but not limited to) National Night Out, neighborhood park festivities, holiday decorations AND any other activity that would bind the neighbor together.

Communications: Maintains the PCN website and social media pages. When we do send a mailed newsletter, the Communications Chair creates the newsletter after input and articles from various board members and chair people and publishes it to the neighborhood. All board members and chair people shall submit their articles in a timely fashion.

Crime Watch: A liaison between Plano Police and the neighborhood. Creates email alerts to the block leader chair of any crime within Pitman Creek North. The block leader chair then notifies all the block leaders. Attends the two Crime Watch Coordinator meetings at City Hall each year and sends a report to all residents. The Crime Watch person receives crime reports from Plano Police Department. This person also informs the neighborhood about tips and crime prevention thru the email system as appropriate.

Landscaping: The City of Plano designates our organization to care and maintain the 8 public gardens within PCN. The Landscaping Chair shall keep abreast of the quality of the landscaping/mowing work being done and keeps a dialogue with the hired landscaping and sprinkler companies. The Chair shall inspect the irrigation systems from time to time. Occasionally, volunteer help is needed to adequately maintain the public gardens and the landscaping chair shall organize a volunteer team to get the work done. If major landscaping work is proposed, the chair shall obtain three bids for such work and report to the board.

Membership: Responsible for increasing membership. This may be through direct mail, email, or person to person.


Yard of the Month Chair: Shall monitor the subdivision and look for outstanding front yards deserving of merit. A single yard shall be chosen monthly (generally winter months are excluded). Signage is posted in that yard and the resident is notified and praised. Calloways Nursery typically provides a sign for the award house. A house is eligible for one award each eighteen-month period. No Board Member or Committee Chair is eligible for Yard of the Month.