Spring 2015 – Water Restrictions Every Other Week

Every Other Week Watering Extended Until Further Notice:  Due to low lake levels, the City of Plano has extended once every other week watering until further notice.  Restrictions will continue to be evaluated as reservoir levels and water needs change.  Effective April 1, watering with sprinklers from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. is prohibited. Sprinkler systems should be set on manual operation to ensure watering occurs only as needed to supplement rainfall.  For guidance on when watering is needed, please visit the Water My Yard website at www.watermyyard.org.  The best practice is simply to not water when rain has just occurred or is expected.

Request a Variance for Pool/Spa

During Stage 3, variance requests for landscaping will not be granted. Existing variances for new landscaping expired June 30, 2013.

Odd Addresses: Every Other Tuesday
Even Addresses: Every Other Thursday
*As HOA watering involves common areas and City of Plano right of ways with no addresses, the decision has been made that all HOA watering will follow an EVEN address watering schedule.

For a printable watering calendar, please click on the image below.

Spring 2015 Plano Watering Schedule