Plano Hail Storm – March 2016 – Letter from the President of PCNHA

Dear Fellow Pitman Creek North Residents:

We have all endured damage to our houses from the unforgettable thunderstorm last Wednesday night, March 23rd.  I hope I never have to see hailstones bouncing around the inside of my home again.   It is heartwarming to see all the information, assistance and directions being passed on to fellow residents.  The PCN Facebook page has been alive with just this kind of help.  A number of PCN residents have signed up for the Facebook page for the first time.

Most importantly, there may be rainshowers here on Sunday.  If anyone still has their smashed sky lights uncovered or broken, open windows, there is help available to get them tarped up.  Just ask on the PCN Facebook .  You can also email me at and I will try to get you in touch with the right people.  Our subdivision continues to embrace one another.


Visit and/or sign-up for our PCN Facebook page.

Dave Nichols – President, Pitman Creek North Homeowners Association