Welcome to The New Plano ISD Academy ‘Titans’!

On August 26, 2013, the Plano ISD Academy High School (mascot is the ‘Titans’) opens east of Pitman Creek North. This academy is an innovative, project-based 9th-12th (initially only 9th-10th) grade learning community committed to fostering a professional environment, inspiring creativity, and empowering students to collaborate and compete in a rapidly changing world. With an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) and interdisciplinary connections, student learning will be anchored in real world experiences which rely on continuous collaboration with others both inside and outside the school. In April 2011, the Plano ISD Board of Trustees approved the … Continue reading

Don’t Forget About Plano Dog Laws

Just a reminder to all residents of Pitman Creek North, the City of Plano has both leash and “pooper scooper” laws which require (1) all dogs must be on a leash of six feet or less when off of their owner’s property and (2) owners must remove all waste left behind by their dog(s) in a safe and sanitary manner (failure to do so is considered a Class C misdemeanor and will be subject to fine). Recently there have been several neighborhood dogs running loose, venturing into other people’s yards. Please obey the city rules and be considerate of others … Continue reading

Annual General Meeting – May 30, 2013

Highland Oaks Church – 7:00 p.m. Welcome: Dave Nichols, HOA president, welcomed all who attended. Agenda Item: No Soliciting Signs Presenter: Dave Nichols Discussion: Membership encouraged to post “No Soliciting” signs to discourage market reps from coming into PCN. Exemptions are non-profit organizations, religious groups, and our PCN Homeowners Association. See Dave Nichols if you need signs for neighbors, etc. Agenda Item: PCN Incorporated Presenter: Dave Nichols Discussion: Our HOA was originally formed in 1983; however, it was never incorporated with the State of Texas. Registration is now complete, making our HOA more viable and tax-exempt from franchise taxes. We are … Continue reading

General Meeting – February 19, 2013

Highland Oaks Church of Christ – 7:00 p.m. Welcome: Dave Nichols, HOA president, welcomed all who attended (52 residents). He reviewed some of the PCN events from the past year. A thank you to all who have helped maintain the 9 public gardens, and a sprinkler update was given. Thanks to all who assembled and hung the Christmas wreaths for the neighborhood. A pool party last August, and a very successful National Night Out in October were subdivision activities. The Pitman Creek North Facebook page is a great source of news and information. Block leaders are a mainstay for email … Continue reading

Homestead Tax Exemption for Senior Citizens – Incorrect Information in Emails

An incorrect email has been circulating regarding the Homestead Tax Exemption for Senior Citizens, warning voters that the homestead tax cap for people 65 and older is up for a vote on the ballot of the May election. This is not true. The May election WILL NOT include a repeal of the homestead tax cap for seniors. Here are the facts: In 2006, The Texas Legislature passed a law reducing property taxes for all homeowners. However, the legislation left out senior and disabled citizens whose property taxes were already “frozen.” As a result, seniors and people with disabilities didn’t receive … Continue reading