Plano Hail Storm – March 2016 – Letter from the President of PCNHA

Dear Fellow Pitman Creek North Residents:

We have all endured damage to our houses from the unforgettable thunderstorm last Wednesday night, March 23rd.  I hope I never have to see hailstones bouncing around the inside of my home again.   It is heartwarming to see all the information, assistance and directions being passed on to fellow residents.  The PCN Facebook page has been alive with just this kind of help.  A number of PCN residents have signed up for the Facebook page for the first time.

Most importantly, there may be rainshowers here on Sunday.  If anyone still has their smashed sky lights uncovered or broken, open windows, there is help available to get them tarped up.  Just ask on the PCN Facebook .  You can also email me at and I will try to get you in touch with the right people.  Our subdivision continues to embrace one another.


Visit and/or sign-up for our PCN Facebook page.

Dave Nichols – President, Pitman Creek North Homeowners Association

Raw Land Zoning – South of Park, East of Columbia, east of Harley-Davidson Financial

Pertaining to the 30-acre tract that lies east of Pitman Creek North, next to the Harley-Davidson Financial Building and the RaceTrac gas station:  Even after removing the townhouses from the plan and tweaking down the number of patio homes, the Plano City Council voted against the development.  That is the final word.  The land will revert back to “commercial building” zoning which would include businesses like movie theater, retail, restaurant as well as office space.

To all Pitman Creek North residents:

We have all seen the large “rezoning” sign in the big field.  This 35+ acres has been owned by Hunt Oil for decades.  They now have a developer buyer.  Currently, this parcel is zoned for commercial, office building, hotel, strip center mall, and retail.  The rezoning request is to change it to single family residential. Hunt will sell to a developer will in turn sell to a builder(s).    The proposal is for 45 zero lot line patio homes and 118 two-story townhomes.  The patio homes will be on the Columbia side and the townhomes will be near Alma.

I had a private person to person meeting with a Hunt Oil rep.  Here is what I found. The patio homes target finished selling price will be around $390,000 each.  The Townhomes target will be $290,000.  I was quite concerned with the possibility of the townhomes going rental, as has happened a number of times in other locations.  Per Hunt, with the high cost of this raw land controlling a high selling price for a finished home, the individual homeowners/buyers will rarely rent them out.  It should be cost prohibitive.  This is per Hunt.

The plat shows two exit/entrance streets onto Columbia – each street will align with Tawakoni and Sacramento.  There will be two entry/exit streets from the townhome area and those empty into Alma.  There are no entry/exits onto Park.  There will not be a traffic light at Park/Columbia.  The city says it is too close to the light at Park/Alma.

I can tell you that the City of Plano Administration has indicated a “No” for the townhomes and a “Yes” for the patio homes.  This is a non-binding decision.  City Council has the power of yes or no in the end.  The public hearing for rezoning of this parcel has been pushed back to August 3, City Council chambers, at 7:00 pm.  If you live within 200 feet of the raw land in question, you get to vote at the hearing.  The hearing is also open to the public.  Those people living close to the land should have received a ballot from the city weeks ago.

There is no question that traffic on Columbia and several other PCN streets will increase.  But, no matter what is developed there, the traffic will increase.  I have tried to portray the above info in a non-biased fashion.

Dave Nichols,
President, Pitman Creek North HOA

Annual General Meeting – May 12, 2015

The PCNHA Annual General Meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm at Hackberry Park Pavilion.  Dave Nichols, PCNHA President, greeted/welcomed everyone. The Highland Oaks Church of Christ, which PCNHA has traditionally used for meetings, has been sold and will be demolished; thus, the annual meeting was held at Hackberry Park. A new subdivision – Sabine Park Estates – will be built on the 12 acres that was formerly owned by the church.  This land will NOT include Hackberry Park which is owned by the City of Plano.  The plat of the new subdivision shows 38 single premium family homes … Continue reading

Picnic in the Park 2015

“Picnic in the Park” was great this year! The weather cooperated, the rock band was good – lots of children enjoying the playground, people with dogs, frisbee throwing and games, and of course the food and snow cone trucks were available for those who didn’t feel like bringing their own food. Thanks to our board members, especially Denise Gooding, Activities Chair, for all the hard work and effort that went into making this a success for the community. A very nice time for those who came!!

Picnic in the Park 2015

Picnic in the Park 2015


Invitation to PCN Annual General Meeting – May 12, 2015

Meeting will be May 12, 2015, 6:30 p.m. at Hackberry Park (Under Pavilion) Guest Speaker:   Plano Fire & Rescue (home fire safety, carbon monoxide, smoke detectors, fire fighting equipment and ambulance service) New Membership Signs Available at Annual Meeting with Paid Membership Dear Fellow Pitman Creek North Residents, May 31st ends the 2014-15 fiscal year for our homeowners association and what a productive and pleasant year it was.  As a quick review, our HOA is a voluntary one and we have no lien rights or dictatorial powers that can alienate a community.  We are all volunteer, all the time.  And what a great … Continue reading