Invitation to PCN Annual General Meeting – May 12, 2015

Meeting will be May 12, 2015, 6:30 p.m. at Hackberry Park (Under Pavilion)

Guest Speaker:   Plano Fire & Rescue
(home fire safety, carbon monoxide, smoke detectors, fire fighting equipment and ambulance service)

New Membership Signs Available at Annual Meeting with Paid Membership

Dear Fellow Pitman Creek North Residents,

May 31st ends the 2014-15 fiscal year for our homeowners association and what a productive and pleasant year it was.  As a quick review, our HOA is a voluntary one and we have no lien rights or dictatorial powers that can alienate a community.  We are all volunteer, all the time.  And what a great group of volunteers we have!  I hope you can see the improvements to the 9 public gardens within PCN that we are entrusted.  Last year saw the completion of underground drip irrigation and the installation of faucets at almost all the gardens so we can hand water when the drought is most severe.  Vicki Blakley, our gardening chairperson, did a great job in selecting plants and flowers for our various gardens, designing them and gathering a small group of people to plant.  I am proud to be a weed puller and planter.

Our dues for fiscal 2015-16 remain at $45 for the twelve months.  I hope you see value in that and the fact that all dues money is plowed back into the organization to beautify Pitman Creek North and add seasonal decorations.  Our HOA has increased the neighborhood social activities.  Thanks to energetic Denise Gooding, Activities Chair, we have monthly “PCN Supper Club” at local fun restaurants, “National Night Out” in the fall and our successful “Picnic In The Park” coming up in June which features food trucks and a live band.  I also need to mention our monthly book club which meets in a host’s home, Yard of the Month winner as well as our ever vigilant Crime Watch.  Check out our website:   Our PCN Facebook page is very active and helps to bind our subdivision – many a lost dog or cat has been returned thanks to active post people.

I hope you will help the continuation of our HOA.  We set a new record for members last year.  It was great to see all the PCNHA yard signs in so many yards.  I look forward to you renewing or joining for the first time.  I have some extra good news to share:  ALL of last year’s volunteers have agreed to do it for another twelve months.  We have a solid chemistry in this group of 11 people and I am proud that they are staying on.

The 2015 Annual General Meeting will be held this year at our neighborhood Hackberry Park pavilion (let’s hope for decent weather!).  Sadly, we lost the use of the Highland Oaks Church of Christ, adjacent to PCN, which we have traditionally used for our neighborhood meetings.  We did try to find numerous other indoor settings for the general meeting but every place contacted was either unavailable, too expensive, or too far away in location; so, hopefully, we will have good weather and enjoy the great outdoors at the park!  Along with general business discussions, including budgets, membership, etc., we will have a presentation from the Plano Fire Department on home fire safety, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, fire fighting equipment and ambulance service.  Please come out and participate in the yearly general meeting, give us feedback, learn more about home fire safety, and pick up your new membership yard sign with paid dues.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there!


Dave Nichols
President, Pitman Creek North HOA