Homestead Tax Exemption for Senior Citizens – Incorrect Information in Emails

An incorrect email has been circulating regarding the Homestead Tax Exemption for Senior Citizens, warning voters that the homestead tax cap for people 65 and older is up for a vote on the ballot of the May election. This is not true.

The May election WILL NOT include a repeal of the homestead tax cap for seniors.

Here are the facts: In 2006, The Texas Legislature passed a law reducing property taxes for all homeowners. However, the legislation left out senior and disabled citizens whose property taxes were already “frozen.” As a result, seniors and people with disabilities didn’t receive the same reduction until the Texas Legislature fixed this in 2007. That May, Texas voters passed an amendment extending property tax relief to seniors and disabled Texans.

This problem was solved five years ago. There’s no constitutional amendment election scheduled in Texas next month. Seniors and disabled Texans can rest easy, knowing their homestead tax cap is not at risk.