Crime Watch Notice 01/25/2015

PCNHA Crime Watch Alert

PCNHA neighbors – it has been reported by one of our neighbors on Sacramento that her mail was stolen from her mailbox this week. Please be sure to check your mailbox in a timely manner, especially this time of year with IRS and financial information, etc., coming to us.

Even though there have been several burglary arrests lately here in Plano , a reminder there is still a burglar(s) out there who is casing neighborhoods watching for people leaving home between 5 PM and 9 PM. He then breaks in, especially searching the master bedroom for money and jewelry. Let’s keep an eye out for him and anything/anyone suspicious; don’t hesitate to call the Plano Police Department ASAP.  With your help, we can potentially prevent crimes as well as catch the bad guys!

Thomas Martin
PCNHA Crime Watch Coordinator