October 2016 Landscaping Report

The perennials we have been planting over the last 4 years are now established and most of the flower beds are now in upkeep vs. revamp mode.  Upkeep mode is far less demanding, so this is a good thing. All sprinkler and drip systems are in good working order and are on working timers.  We have a lawn service that regularly mows the grass in the corner beds, and trims the jasmine in the entry gardens. Most all the flower beds have been adopted by a primary caretaker, who is more or less the guardian of that bed.  They contact … Continue reading

May 2014 Landscaping Report

We have some new landscaping volunteers this year:  Bill Humble, Christopher Dorsey, and Sylvia Myers.  How wonderful is that!  Welcome!  So I thought it would be nice to update everyone regarding where we are with our tasks. We have been allocated $3,000 this year for landscaping. This money is to be spent on flowers, dirt, mulch, sedge poison, lawn bags, hoses, etc.  New drip systems and displays for the autumn and winter come from a different budget. The three corner beds have all been raked, bushes have been trimmed and dead wood removed from bushes, etc.  I think they look … Continue reading

August 2013 Landscape Report

The past few months have seen some major renovations in Pitman Creek North. Although our landscaping is pretty well established, with the current Stage 3 watering restrictions in effect, it became evident that PCNHA needed to find a better way to utilize our watering opportunities. So the bulk of our landscaping fund this year was used to install a drip system for the four beds at the main entrance of the subdivision (drip systems are allowed to run as often as needed under stage 3). Competitive bids were taken and the new systems cost the HOA $3,790. At the same … Continue reading