Official Information on Geneva Break-in of 5/15/2014

We finally received the official information from Dave Tilley of the Plano PD on the robbery in the 1700 block of Geneva which occurred on 5/15/2014: The incident started when an 18-year-old male and female arrived home and observed 2 black males attempting to break into their house.  One suspect pointed a gun at them and actually struck the male resident in the head. The female ran and the injured male was also able to run away, calling 911. The police arrived very shortly and set up a perimeter around the immediate area as well as the western part of … Continue reading

Crime Watch Alert – Home Burglaries in Area – 3/31/14

This morning I spoke with a Plano Police patrol officer who warned PCN to be alert for two male Hispanics in a green 2-door Ford Explorer who have been active in home burglaries. They have been mostly active in east Plano. However, if you see a suspicious green Ford Explorer in the neighborhood, please call 911. Thomas Martin PCNHA Crime Watch Coordinator … Continue reading

Recent Motor Vehicle Burglaries

To Those Whom Live, Work, or Play in Plano: This weekend there were twelve burglary of motor vehicles reported.  Nine of the vehicles had unlocked doors. Please harden the target by following these suggestions:  LOCK your car, TAKE your keys, and HIDE your belongings (or even better remove them from the vehicle). Thomas Martin,  PCNHA Crime Watch Coordinator … Continue reading

Checking to See If Your Home

Always Be Alert! PPD recommends that whenever anyone comes to your front door, do the following: Check to see who it is Never open the door to someone you do not know… Always speak to the person through the door so that they KNOW someone is home, if you do not respond they may go around back and try to break in Never hesitate to call PPD if the person is suspicious (PPD likes to respond to such calls, this is what makes Plano a safe place to live) The following is taken from the PCN Facebook page: This morning … Continue reading

Suspicious Person

The following event was reported to the Plano Police Department. … OFFENSE NUMBER: 8238 OFFENSE TYPE: Suspicious Person LOCATION/STREET: Seminary Drive (Custer Rd/W. Park Blvd, Mapsco 658T) BLOCK NUMBER: 1900 DATE: 1/14/14 (Tuesday) TIME: 6:15 p.m. DESCRIPTION: The witness/resident observed her motion-sensor light go on near the front of her residence. Upon investigating the witness observed a male subject with dark hair on her front porch.  The resident asked the male subject what he wanted.  The male subject stated he wanted to ask her some questions.  The resident advised that she was not interested and the male subject left in … Continue reading