Crime Watch Notice 04/08/16

Sadly, criminals have struck again in Pitman Creek North. One of our neighbors on Geneva Lane discovered at 5:30 a.m. today that their newly delivered roof shingles had been stolen out of their driveway. According to the Plano Police Department, this is the 5th report of this type of burglary JUST this week. With all the contractors/adjusters/repairmen in our neighborhood and lots of building supplies being delivered including shingles, vents, windows, screens, etc., it has been extremely busy and will only get more so over the next month(s). We can only do our very best to be aware of everything … Continue reading

Crime Watch Notice 03/23/2015

As Crime Watch Coordinator for Pitman Creek North, it makes me proud to see our neighbors working together to keep our neighborhood safer and keep the “bad guys” in check.  The information below is excerpted from our PCNHA Facebook web page demonstrating how working together with our neighbors DOES solve crime: Randy Olson  If anyone in the Pitman Creek North area could help out with any information that might identify the culprit that stole my Ford F-350 right out of my driveway at 1608 Danube Ln it would be appreciated. Tonight between 6 and 7 PM someone stole my truck … Continue reading

Crime Watch Notice 01/25/2015

PCNHA Crime Watch Alert PCNHA neighbors – it has been reported by one of our neighbors on Sacramento that her mail was stolen from her mailbox this week. Please be sure to check your mailbox in a timely manner, especially this time of year with IRS and financial information, etc., coming to us. Even though there have been several burglary arrests lately here in Plano , a reminder there is still a burglar(s) out there who is casing neighborhoods watching for people leaving home between 5 PM and 9 PM. He then breaks in, especially searching the master bedroom for … Continue reading

Crime Watch Notice 12/17/2014

PCNHA Crime Watch Alert Over the last 5 days there have been incidents with cars left parked on the street and alley. Two cars had tires punctured and two others were vandalized while the perpetrators looked for items to take (both were left unlocked). In both incidents the police were called. During this holiday season we need to be even more alert than the rest of the year. Please be aware that there are individuals watching us and our homes for opportunities to take what we have worked hard to obtain, and others who just like to vandalize. Please do … Continue reading

Crime Watch Notice 11/06/14

Rash of Neighborhood Burglaries From initial information received, Pitman Creek North has had two burglaries on Huron in the past week.  As well as these incidents, multiple other incidents have occurred in the subdivisions both north and south of us. The individuals appear to be cruising the areas watching for homeowners to leave. The break-ins are occurring between 6-9 pm and the burglars are gone in a matter of a few minutes. PCN residents need to be on the lookout for anything that is out of the ordinary or anyone who appears to be casing the area.  As we receive … Continue reading