About Us

Pitman Creek North subdivision of Plano, Texas is a residential area bounded on the north Park Blvd.; on the east by Columbia Place; on the south by 15th Street, and on the west by Rio Grande Drive.

Pitman Creek North Homeowners Association, Inc. (PCNHA) was formed as a voluntary HOA for the purpose of assuring the continued beauty, safety, and stability of the area and to promote pride and communication among the 491 residential homes. The HOA assists in maintaining a residential character, property value appreciation, safeguarding of property rights and the promotion of social activities.

Besides adding to the quality of life for the residents of Pitman Creek North, a strong and active voluntary homeowners association helps to ensure an awareness of issues which may affect our property values and safety. We hope you will join us in keeping Pitman Creek North one of the very best neighborhoods in Plano. We also want to formally welcome all new residents and hope each of you finds caring neighbors and a friendly atmosphere here in Pitman Creek North.

Annual dues for the voluntary Homeowners Association are $50.

When submitting dues, please utilize our printable (PDF) PCNHA Membership Form and submit to:

2701 West 15th Street, Box 540
Plano, Texas  75075

Social Media Policy with Guidelines

Volunteer Information

To become a volunteer, please don’t hesitate to contact us at president@pcnha.org. Volunteer opportunities include: