2018-2019 PCNHA Membership Drive

Our new yard signs are here! They have a slightly new look this year: the date is in the corner and next year we will use the same sign, but give you a sticker with the new date to apply to this sign.

Your dues of $50 cover the operating cost of keeping our 490-home subdivision looking great.  This includes electricity at the entrance, water and sprinkler/drip systems, landscape crews and new plants for the 8 area gardens that decorate our area.  Plus, we do seasonal decorations, and a couple of parties every year for all residents.  You get a lot for that contribution, and we thank you!

If you’d like to mail in your PCNHA dues, please get a copy of the membership form out of the Membership Drive tube at the main entrance on Victoria or print a copy of the membership form from here on our website, fill in the information and mail it to the HOA.  Your new membership sign will be delivered to your home.

Thank you again for your support!

Susan Nichols
Membership, PCN